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5 Common Causes of Bad Posture

Many people suffer from the adverse effects of bad posture. Someone has a bad posture when their spine is not in a natural position, which the curves are emphasized and leads to the joints, muscles, and vertebrae in stressful positions. People with poor posture suffer from back pain as well as neck, should, and arm pain. They may also suffer from foot and knee problems because of the emphasis on running and fitness.

To help patients with poor posture, Tallahassee FL Chiropractor offers posture corrector Tallahassee-- a chiropractic treatment that focuses on treating the faulty or poor posture and may cause some problems. Through a posture corrector exercise, you may correct your posture and realign your spine to ensure that your body is functioning well.

Chiropractic treatment is excellent for several postural problems, including:

  • Kyphosis (hunchback)
  • Damage to the normal neck, midback, and low back curvature
  • Pelvis/hip unlevel
  • Scoliosis
  • Forward head posture

What Causes Bad Posture?

There are several reasons why bad posture occurs, such as injury, illness, or genetic issues. A combination of these reasons is also common. That is why it is essential to visit a chiropractor to help you treat your bad posture.


After an injury, muscle spasms occur to protect the affected areas. Muscles spasms may help in stabling and protecting your injuries from further issues; however, they limit your movements and cause pain.

Prolonged muscle spasms will eventually result in weakened muscle and lead to aberration in body posture. A chiropractic adjustment can help bring your muscles back to optimal functioning.

Muscle Tension and Weakness

Your posture can be affected when certain muscle groups are tense or weak, which can develop pain. Muscle tension or weakness occurs when you do regular tasks and chores in a way that places tension on your muscles or uses them unequally. It also happens when you hold a prolonged position regularly.

Improper Sleeping Position

Bad posture may also cause by sleeping in the wrong position. When you sleep in the wrong way, several areas of your body, such as muscles, nerves, and joints, are affected, which causes poor posture the next day. Supine posture is crucial in sleeping as it keeps your neck, head, and spine to rest in a neutral position without adding weight to those areas.

Daily Habits

Some of our daily habits also contribute to having a bad posture due to the regular pattern of muscle contraction and stretch, which causes our muscles to misaligned and abandon good posture. Slouching while sitting down is one of the most common habits that cause bad posture and other issues to your health. It can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain as it is not a natural body position.


Bad posture is not only caused by physical factors but also emotional factors. Due to stress, specific muscles contract or tighten, and when this happens frequently, it will be difficult for these muscles to support the spine and keep a vertical position.

These five factors are only some of the common causes of bad posture. Being aware of your posture and understanding the healthy movement strategies, you can consciously correct yourself and keep a good body posture. Our chiropractors can also help you by recommending exercises that can strengthen your core postural muscles.

Are you looking for a posture corrector in Tallahassee? Contact us today and experience the best posture corrector Tallahassee.

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