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Chiropractic Care Tallahassee

Chiropractors are the ones who treat the body’s structure-related conditions and concerns. Unlike in medical practice, they do not do surgery and prescribe medication; they manipulate spines and other parts of the body and position them and align properly. Common ailments that a chiropractor can ease are the following.

Some chiropractors also pursue additional education and training in other areas like clinical sciences and diagnostic imaging, pediatric, rehabilitation, and sports chiropractic care.

Each chiropractor will tackle your condition in a different manner but every single one will ultimately give you the care you need.

Based on the medical results, combined with their medical expertise, our Chiropractors at Best Chiropractor Fort Worth will provide the best chiropractic care. They will also prevent it from returning and try to restore your mobility as soon as the first treatment.

  1. Neck pain. Chiropractors manipulate the neck for pain medications.
  2. Tension Headache. A common type of headache up to the back of the head and neck. According to the chiropractor, the leading cause is stress and incorrect posture; adjusting your neck and stretching exercise is the best option.
  3. Low Back pain. The most common reason why individuals seek help and treatment from a chiropractor is low back pain.
  4. Migraine Headaches. According to research, spinal manipulations can lessen the frequency of migraines. The chiropractor advises nutrition and diet to help decrease and treat migraines because they believe that certain foods trigger migraines.
  5. Sacroiliac Pain. A big joint located at the bottom of your spine is what we called the sacroiliac. If there is a problem, you may feel aches in the buttock and back of the thigh. A simple piece of advice from the chiropractor to exercise to strengthen the core muscles that support the joint.
  6. Shoulder Pain. Frozen shoulder syndrome is the common name for shoulder pain. People who experience shoulder pains can probably think of a chiropractor to stretch the muscle that surrounds the shoulder and show how to do more stretches at home.
  7. Knee Pain. Chiropractic care can be a big help by doing a knee exercise for osteoarthritis. The results may be evident after few weeks of treatment.
  8. Pinched Nerves. Incidents like vehicular accidents can cause pinched nerves. Follow the adjustment with massage will help ease and relax the muscle, leading to being corrected.

Massage Chiropractic Tallahassee

Massage therapy is popularly known as the best way to relax. Doing a combination of regular chiropractic care and massage therapy can help a lot to enhance overall wellness. The session will run with the following steps.

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Treatment Plan

  • Implementing Treatment

  • Maintenance

Massage can support the help of an individual who already derives from chiropractic care. Our team comprises trained and experienced chiropractic care providers who work with a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan to help you reach your healthiest life.

Active Release Technique Tallahassee

An active release technique answers your body’s soft tissue and muscle problems like ligaments, tendons, and nerves by manipulation and movement combination. It promotes blood flows and acts for faster recovery of injuries. The following are benefits of the active and release technique.

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improvement of sciatic symptoms

  • Increased flexibility

  • Management of carpal tunnels

  • Management of tennis elbow

  • Management of plantar fasciitis

  • Management of shin splints

  • Lessen lower back pain

  • Relief tension headaches

  • Improved chronic neck pain

Our goal is to break up the adhesions and restore the range of motion to relieve pains by breaking up scar tissues without pain and stiffness. Pain is present binding scar tissues and muscles limits flexibility.

During the active and release technique session, our skilled health care provider will identify the scar tissue location using a unique technique to target the area. The manipulation of the soft tissues by the active release technique breaks up the adhesions to give a free movement of your muscles, joints, and nerves. Most of the time, one session is enough to works, but some individual needs more than one.

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